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Exterior Painting

Our Process
The preparation work is the most important part of painting an exterior. Jenkins Painting’s preparation features may include the following, as needed:

1. Pressure Washing
Surfaces to be painted are pressure washed to remove dirt. In cases where surface has mildew growth and related organisms, we apply a bleach solution for best results.

2. Scraping, Sanding, Paint Removal
The scraping process is important so that the new paint will adhere. We thoroughly scrape all of the loose and failing paint from all surfaces. Scraped areas are sanded to help smooth the lines of previous paint. A permanizer sealer may be applied to provide a stable surface before topcoating. Complete paint removal may be necessary or suggested if new paint has failed or is likely to fail due to previous coatings.

3. Masking, Covering
Thorough masking of all windows, doors, light fixtures, hardware. Drop cloths are used on concrete, decks, and foliage to protect from splatters.

4. Caulking, Spackle, Glazing
After the home is cleaned of any dirt and loose paint we seal up all cracks and joints with elastomeric caulking. This protects the interior of the home from moisture problems and can also save money for heating. We fill minor holes with spackle. Larger holes are filled with special painters bondo, or epoxy filler. Homes with failing glazing on pane-glazed windows may be reglazed for weatherproofing.

5. Priming
The next step in the paint process may involve the application of a primer coat. Bare wood is spot primed. If required, all surfaces are primed. Primer acts similar to a double-sided glue, sticking to the bare surface while holding a finish coat on top of it.

6. Finish Coating
This stage gives the home color and will make it look like new. For most homes we recommend two coats of paint. First coat is applied by airless sprayer, followed by back roll. The trim is painted by roll and/or brush. Your front door is clearly a focal point. Other doors are important as well, enhancing the style and grace of entering your home. Doors have a special preparation and application to ensure quality. Choosing a high quality product can add years on to the life of the paint job. At Jenkins Painting we use only the best products.

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" . . . Again, everyone who worked was very professional, respectful of our home, hard working, highly skilled and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Jenkins Painting to anybody considering an exterior or interior painting project and would gladly hire them again for future projects."

"Thank you, the house looks great. I would be glad to have you use our house as an example of your work. We are very happy with the way our house turned out."

"Arturo, thank you for the excellent work, service and communication . . . Your crew was incredibly clean and efficient and more than we could hope for."

" . . . We felt your whole team was efficient, quick, and respectful, and we appreciate that! We will definitely recommend your company to others."

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