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Interior Painting

Our Process
Jenkins Painting takes pride in our professionalism and craftsmanship. We take time to prepare and protect your property and to provide the best quality job in the most efficient manner. When painting the interior of a house our goal is to cause the minimal disruption to your routine. The following is a list of our basic interior services.

1. Preparation
Large furniture is moved away and grouped in the center of the room. Itís also moved back, or left out so that propertyís owner can clean behind. Electrical faceplates are removed and reinstalled. Hardware is removed as needed and reinstalled. All furniture is covered with plastic sheeting. Flooring is covered with drop cloths. Blinds on windows are removed and reinstalled.

We inspect surface for smoothness and cleanliness prior to prime/paint. We seal up all cracks and joints with caulk as needed to protect the interior of the home from moisture problems. All nails pops, cracks and dents in the walls are filled with spackling paste, allowed to dry, then sanded down. Primer is applied as needed.

2. Finish Coating
Typically the ceilings are painted in a flat finish and the walls in and eggshell finish. Kitchens, bathrooms and surfaces with high traffic are painted in semi-gloss finish for easier cleaning.

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"Thank you for the good job you and your workers did on our house, garage, and garden house. Your workers were very professional and courteous and did their work well. We will recommend you to all we know. Please send some business cards so we can pass them out. Thank you again."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did painting our house... Margie and I would have no problem recommending you to anyone... Thanks again, and I will call you again when we need the house painted again."

"Thank you very much for the excellent painting job you and your crew did on our house. As you and your crew have done a wonderful job, we will be more than pleased to be your future reference."

"They arrived on time and worked very hard to get the job done before the inclement weather settled in. Jim and I are very happy with the work done and would highly recommend Arturo Jenkins and his company for any kind of residential painting."

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